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Ministry of health of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
State Autonomous healthcare institution of the Republic of Bashkortostan sanatorium for children, including children with parents "DUSLYK" Ufa
450075, Ufa, st. R. Sorge, d. 71/1.
+7 (347) 235-73-04
Телефон горячей линии: 8(347)235-73-04. Ежедневная информация о мероприятиях в санаторий "Дуслык" г. Уфа Вконтакте

The mothers day

26 November 2019
Рубрики: News

“Mother is the first word, the main word in every destiny…”Everyone will agree with these lines. And it is remarkable that in our country since 1998 on the last Sunday of November mother’s Day is celebrated.

In our sanatorium Children prepared for this day, made gifts with their own hands, learned poems and congratulations for their mothers. In all departments there were thematic classes ” Our mothers are the best!»

They sent their congratulations in the social network in Contact on the page of our sanatorium. The children’s radio station broadcast congratulations from children for all mothers.