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Ministry of health of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
State Autonomous healthcare institution of the Republic of Bashkortostan sanatorium for children, including children with parents "DUSLYK" Ufa
450075, Ufa, st. R. Sorge, d. 71/1.
+7 (347) 235-73-04
Телефон горячей линии: 8(347)235-73-04. Ежедневная информация о мероприятиях в санаторий "Дуслык" г. Уфа Вконтакте

Basic information about the medical organization

13 November 2019

GAUZ RB sanatorium “Duslyk” Ufa was opened in 1973, in 2008 moved to a new building. For the past 45 years, the sanatorium has been improving children with various pathologies.

diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract;
diseases of ENT organs;
diseases of the digestive system;
skin disease;
diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
nervous system disease;

About 2900 people receive Spa treatment annually, including 2600 children and 300 parents. Children are accepted from 3 to 14 years.
Profile races are held:
Since 2016 — children with burns are accepted.
Since 2017-children with diabetes.
Since 2018, children with cochlear implants are accepted.

Children live in two, three, four-bed wards equipped with a bathroom and showers.

Five game rooms are designed for leisure and activities with children.

On the territory of the sanatorium “Duslyk” there are game architectural forms, a football field, a tennis table, street simulators, an obstacle course, sports game complexes, gazebos, verandas, walking alleys – for terrenkur and Nordic walking.

The nutrition of children in the sanatorium is adjusted according to the main food ingredients, is full and varied. The health resort is organized in 6 meals a day. Children receive daily koumiss, oxygen cocktail, juices, fruits, vitamin jelly. Natural norms for basic food products are 100% fulfilled.

Treatment in the sanatorium “Duslyk” is complex and is prescribed according to the standard of health resort care, taking into account the main and concomitant diseases.

Sanatorium “Duslyk” is equipped with modern medical equipment. In the physiotherapy Department of the sanatorium you can get light, heat, electrotherapy, ultrasound and laser therapy, various types of inhalations.

In the complex of rehabilitation treatment in the sanatorium successfully used underwater shower massage, whirlpool and foot whirlpool baths with various salts and herbal extracts, different types of shower-circular, needle, rain, shower Charcot, SPA capsule, cedar barrel, infrared sauna.

Children with functional disorders of the nervous system visit a specially equipped sensory room.
For children with respiratory diseases, there is a speleotherapy room. Aromaphytotherapy is carried out using a variety of essential phyto oils.

The gym is equipped with modern children’s sports equipment, simulators to teach children proper breathing and to form the correct posture. Introduced a new type of kinesotherapy-Nordic walking.

All children in the sanatorium is carried out manual or hardware massage.

Taking into account the incomplete examination of children admitted to sanatorium treatment, additional studies are conducted. In addition, all children are given an ECG. In the presence of indications, ultrasound, spirography is carried out. If necessary, children receive consultations of narrow specialists: ENT doctor, neurologist, dentist, acupuncturist, exercise therapy doctor, endocrinologist, cardiologist, physiotherapist, therapist, speech therapist, psychologist.
Also in the sanatorium author’s and adapted programs of additional education of teachers of sanatorium are developed:
• – “To grow up healthy! “education of valeological culture;
* – “Economy to children!”economic education;
• – “I Am A Russian!» Patriotic education;
* – “Mustai Karim-children” development of creative, aesthetic, cognitive abilities, the formation of tolerance.
• – “ABC of morality” on moral and aesthetic education;
* – “The magical world of origami” on intellectual, aesthetic and artistic development.
* The program is designed taking into account the age, individual characteristics of children.
• Each day of the week has its own name and direction
* Monday: “we are healthy and successful»
* Tuesday: “We are in the world of Economics and ecology»
* Wednesday: “we are patriots of our homeland»
* Thursday: “we are fast, bold, agile»
* Friday: “we are the creators»
* Saturday: “we are fun and resourceful»
* Sunday: “We-and the theater»